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Objectives of ICDS
Services under the ICDS
Funding Pattern
Rules and Regulations under ICDS
Monitoring and Evaluation
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List of Projects and Aanganwadi Centres
Rules and Regulations under ICDS

Population Norms
Revised population norm for setting up an Anganwadi Centre for rural/urban projects is 400-800.

Supplementary Nutrition Norms
Financial norms: The State has recently revised the cost of supplementary nutrition for different categories of beneficiaries. Details are as follows

Category Revised rates (per beneficiary per day in Rs.)
Children (6-72 months) 6.00
Severely malnourished children (6-72 months) 9.00

Nutritional Norms

Category Revised Rates
(per beneficiary per day in Rs.)
  Calories (Kcal) Protein (gm)
Children (6-72 months) 500 12-15
Severely malnourished children (6-72 months) 800 20-25
Pregnant women and Nursing mothers 600 18-20

Registration of beneficiaries
Below poverty line is not a criterion for the enrollment of beneficiaries in AWCs. Hence all eligible beneficiaries can avail the benefits under the scheme. Total number of beneficiaries enrolled in Delhi till Nov., 2013 reads as follows:

Beneficiaries Coverage
Children (6 months to 3 years) 527167
Children (3 years to 6 years) 382285
Pregnant Women 75024
Lactating Mothers 95160

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