ANNUAL PLAN: 2007-08

Social Welfare Department was set up in 1959. Over the decades, the Department has grown into a vast complex of welfare institutions and services for the various socially disadvantaged and vulnerable sections such as the destitute, neglected children, youthful offenders, physically and mentally challenged, women in distress, widows, beggars, old and infirm persons etc. The department is the nodal agency for implementation of the following social legislations: -

  1. Juvenile Justice Act, 2000
  2. The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959, as extended to Delhi.
  3. The Probation of Offenders Act, 1958.
  4. The Women’s & Children’s Institutions (Licensing) Act, 1956.
  5. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956.
  6. The Good Conduct Prisoner’s Probational Release Act, 1926.
  7. The Dowry Prohibition Act.
  8. Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights & Full participation) Act 1995.
  9. The Protection of Women from
  10. Domestic Violence Act 2005

IX Five Year Plan

During the IX Five Year Plan 1997-2002, the thrust of social welfare programmes was to provide welfare services to the handicapped persons, neglected & street children, social security schemes for socially handicapped, creating awareness amongst general public regarding the welfare measures of the department, programmes for the senior citizens and for women in need. Against the budget of Rs. 10860.00 in the IXth Five Year plan 1997-2002. The department utlised Rs.12897.00 lakh.

Xth Five Year Plan 2002-07:-

During Xth Five Year Plan 2002-07, the Social Welfare programmes were directed to all segments of disadvantaged groups with special emphasis for empowerment of women and care for the elderly. The fund allotted and utilized for the Xth five year plan are as under:- Rs. in crore) Year Budget allocation (RE) Actual Expenditure Rs. in crore) 2002-03 53.99 49.80 2003-04 81.79 72.89 2004-05 94.73 71.00 2005-06 107.00 97.41 2006-07 126.80 121.48 Total 464.31 412.58 top

Annual Plan 2007-08

An amount of Rs. 16500.00 lakhs has been provided to Deptt. of Social Welfare under the Social Welfare sector which includes Rs.13320.00 lakhs under Revenue head and Rs. 3180.00 lakh under Capital Head. The scheme - wise details for 2007-08 are given below :

    1. Primary School for Deaf at Nehru Vihar

      The aim of this scheme is to offer educational avenues and educational facilities for Deaf Children of the school going age, in North East Delhi.

      The Working Group Constituted for the Social Welfare Sector had suggested that the Department should modify the proposals, keeping the new concept of community based rehabilitation in view. Accordingly, plot measuring 6033.30 square meter, was acquired from DDA, which was decided to be used for both constructing school for the deaf as well as for running a programme for the rehabilitation of the disabled.

      The Administrative approval and expenditure sanction to the tune of Rs.80.83 lakh was accorded to the PWD to carry out the construction activity.


      The objective of the scheme is to assist the handicapped students to pursue studies, acquire vocational training skills and undertaking music course etc. Financial assistance at varying rate (primary classes – Rs.50/-, Middle- Rs.70/-, Secondary – Rs. 125/-, Sr. Sec. – Rs. 200/- Graduate & PG – Rs. 500/- per month per student) is given to the handicapped students in the form of scholarship to enable them to earn a livelihood and to become useful members of the society. The scheme is an ongoing one for providing the facilities to the disabled for the education.

    3. Mass Media & Education

      The aim of this scheme is to provide awareness regarding available services for the welfare of deprived and disabled through workshops, meeting on social issues, and to generate public opinion towards various issues concerning protection of girl child, handicapped and women etc., and to sensitize the society regarding social problems. The Department proposes to get some video spots / short documentaries on the rights of child with particular emphasis on the girl child.

      Awareness Campaign for Bhagidari initiatives and workshops would be arranged and would be linked to programme of Asian Network for Metro cities.

    4. Establishment of Half Way Home for the Improved Mental Patients Discharged from the Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (HMD)

      The aim and objective of the scheme is to provide social-economic rehabilitation of mentally improved patients. A Half Way Home has to be established for such cases for which land costing Rs.4 Crore was made available within the complex of the Hospital for Mental Diseases, Shadara. Now the Insttute of Human Behavior and Allied Studies (IHBAS) has been requested to hand over of the land to Social Welfare Department. The construction work of the building is proposed to be taken up in the A.P. 2007-08. top

    5. Development of Tahirpur Leprosy Complex

      The aim of the scheme was to develop the rehabilitation center for Leprosy affected persons by providing food, clothing and medical care to 1600 leprosy patients who were in Delhi prior to 1st January, 1981. The population of affected persons has arisen and they are living mostly in Tahirpur, Delhi without the facilities of sanitation, drainage & potable drinking water and thus an Integrated Development Plan for Tahirpur Leprosy Complex was made for providing suitable living condition. The scheme was put into implementation in 1996-97 and work pertaining to sewerage, storm water drainage is in process of completion.

    6. Development Programmes for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded

      The aim of the scheme is to provide residential care program to the mentally retarded for their education, training guidance, medical care and rehabilitation.

      The scheme was to be implemented after getting suitable piece of land at Dwarka. The payment for land has been made to DDA but the possession of land has not been made by DDA so far thus the approved funds of Rs. 30.00 lakh are retained for development of the land and for the boundary wall.

    7. National Programme for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

      The aim and objective of the scheme is to set up a district rehabilitation center for disable persons and gear up the activities for promoting community based rehabilitation. It is also proposed to have a separate commission building for running the activities under PWD Act. Under the scheme, Disability Camps were held in Each District and disabled persons are issued Handicapped Certificate, DTC pass, Identify card, mobility aids & appliances.

    8. State Programme of Events for Socially & Physically Disadvantaged persons

      The aim and objective of the scheme is to make the Socially & Physically disadvantaged groups to be a part of the community and display then skills and expertise in their respective crafts or traditional occupational vocations. Under the scheme exhibition will be held displaying the goods prepared by them in the stalls. This programme will create massive awareness in the community regarding the need and capabilities of the disadvantaged groups. The Voluntary organization will be assisted for their specific project for holding of the events on State and National / International Level. Funds required to be disbursed to NGOs for care giving training, this programme for Autism as earmarked will be utilized.

    9. Unemployment Allowance to Disabled Persons

      The aim of the scheme is to provide monthly unemployment allowance to disabled persons registered in Employment Exchange of Delhi. The allowance @Rs.350/- pm is given to those handicapped persons who are registered with Employment Exchange for last 2 years having more than 40% disability and are between the age of 18-55 years. From 207-08, this allowance is proposed to be enhanced from Rs.Rs.350/- to Rs.600/- pm. During 2006-07 Rs.0.18 lacs was incurred and 38 beneficiries were benefited


    A separate department of Women and Child Development will be set up in term of announcement of by FM in Budget Speech

    1. Delhi Commission for Women

      The aim and objectives of the scheme is to investigate, examine all matters relating to the safe guard provided for women under the laws and recommendation for the effective implementation of those safe guards for improving the condition of women, Evaluate the progress of the development of women etc.

      The provision is made to release of GIA to DCW and salary for newly created post for the strengthen of DCW

    2. Strengthening of Staff in Institution to Improve the Efficiency of Management Service

      The Social Welfare Department is maintaining and running 46 Institutions for providing care, protection and rehabilitation of the juveniles, women, senior citizens & beggars. Through this programme, the concept of creating social security to the target groups gets translated into reality.

    3. Working Women Hostels

      The aim of the scheme is to provide a dignified proper and affordable shelter to women who are employed and do not have any living accommodation. The present number of Working Women’s Hostel are full and not in a position to accommodate the large number of Women who are waiting allotments. Hence, there is an increasing need for constructing more Working Women Hostels. Presently there are 11 Working Women Hostel run by voluntary Organization. 13 new Working Woman Hostels to be constructed on priority. DDA has identified 9 sites and allotted land at Dheerpur, Najafgarh, Basant Village, Rani Bagh, Tughlakabad, Dilshad Garden, Narela, Bawana and Dwarka.

      The Social Welfare department has made available a Working Women Hostel at Vishwash Nagar. The hostel has been handed over to YWCA.

      Possession of land for construction of working women hostel at Tughlakabad and Basant Village has been taken over. DSIDC has been assigned the work of construction of hostel of 80 to 100 hostlers.

    4. Scheme of Financial Assistance to Widows

      The aim of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to widows for self-employment who are without adequate means of subsistence, help them start some income generating profession etc. The benefit of the scheme can be availed by the widows who have no regular means of subsistence and whose income from all sources including that of the dependents does not exceed Rs.22,000/- per annum and in the age group of 18 years to below 60 years without any support financially. One time assistance Rs. 20,000/- is paid to widows in he age group of 18-45 years and Rs. 10,000/- of age group of above 45 –below 60 year.

      As per FM Budget Speech 2007-08, this scheme is proposed to be replaced by a new scheme “Pension to widows” from 2007

      PENSION To WIDOWS ( Draft Scheme)

      Aims and Objectives:

      In order to provide social security by way of financial assistance to widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years, Govt. of NCT of Delhi proposes to start a pension scheme for the widows, who are bonafide residents of Delhi and without adequate means of subsistence.

      Need and justification for the Scheme:

      In the year 1997-98, the scheme of Financial Assistance to Widows was started, whereby widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years were given one-time assistance to start some livelihood programme. However, it has been noticed that in practice, very few women are able to actually utilize the assistance effectively; for most it is reduced to just a one-time assistance which they use for their daily use until the money runs out and they are back to square one. Also, when the women get the assistance in lump sum, many unscrupulous people try to divest them of the money received. Additionally, the absence of any social security makes these women very vulnerable and at the mercy of others, resulting in their exploitation and a rise in corrupt practices. If we are to empower the women, esp. the more vulnerable ones, it is important to accord them some regular pension which can help sustain them without giving in to unwanted pressures.

      Therefore, in order to maintain a continuous flow of money to the widows, a Scheme of Pension for Widows was decided to be introduced which would provide a regular source of income to the women on a quarterly basis.

      Type of Assistance:

      A pension will be paid quarterly @ Rs. 600/- per month per head through ECS by RBI.

      1. The following widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years shall be eligible for Pension under this scheme:
        1. Those who are domiciled in Delhi and have been residing in Delhi for more than 5 years continuously preceding the date of application.
        2. Those whose family income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 48,000/- p.a. (Rs. Forty eight thousand per annu
        3. The applicant should not be receiving any pension or financial assistance from MCD and/or NDMC or anyother source.
      2. The following widows in the above said age group shall not be eligible for Pension under this scheme:-
        1. Inmates of any Institutions/Homes run by the Govt./Local Bodies or and Voluntary Organization.
        2. Those who have remarried. The pension shall be stopped once a widow remarries. Every year each widow shall have to submit a certificate from the area MLA about her marital status for continuation of pension.
        3. Those who have already received assistance under the Scheme for Financial Assistance for Widows from Department of Social Welfare.