Voluntary Action Cell Application Procedure:

  • Proposals from interested and eligible NGOs are invited through advertisements in newspapers. 
  • Proposals are received in accordance with the time schedule given therein. 
  • Schedule is also advertised to guide NGOs and address related queries. 
  • Proposals are forwarded for field inspections to assess eligibility. 
  • Grants-in-Aid Committee, decides proposals for both the departments. 
  • Minutes and recommendations are submitted to the Ministry of SJ&E & WCD, Government of India 
  • Respective proposals under Delhi Grant Scheme are also decided by GIA Committee, 
  • All proposals, after due processing are forwarded to the Finance Dept. under the scheme of Delhi Kalyan Samiti for further consideration. 
  • All proposals requesting allotment of land are also verified and processed as per norms and forwarded to Land Allotment Recommendation Committee of the Urban Development Department, Government of NCT of Delhi for consideration. 
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